Friday, September 15, 2017

Words of wisdom.

I learned that is really important to care about other people. It also taught me that no matter how much you fall, you can always get back up.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nauvoo Field Trip Reflection

My favorite part of the field trip was the blacksmith shop because it was really fun and he told us a few stories and he was really funny and he gave us a diamond of the prairie ring.
The story of the diamond of the prairie is that a boy fell in love with a girl an he asked  her to marry him and the girl said my dad the only man who can marry me is a guy who had a diamond ring, so the guy went to his dad told him about it then the dad said go to the black smith he's smart, so he went to the blacksmith told him the story then he took a nail, and made a curved ring with a diamond look, so then he went to the girl, asked her to marry her and the father said any one who is that smart can marry my daughter.

Image result for diamond of the prairie ring picture
diamond of the prairie ring.
something i learned about what the pioneers did in the 1840's is that they made anything there own stuff, or bartered for it, or they bought the stuff to make it in bulk then made it, because today whenever we want something we just go to the store and buy it.
The Mormons moved because the different religions and they where fighting so they had to flee because they didn't want o start a civil war.
I would like to study the brick making because its really cool and interesting.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Moral dilemma lititure circle.

                        Spoiler Alert!!!! 

A moral dilemma is something that the character when is deciding between two options.
In the book The False Prince, the moral dilemma is when Sage is choosing to confess he is the real Prince Jaron, and have two other people die and report a fraud person who trained 3 fake princes, or die and let a fraud live and never confess he is the real prince. he chose the best one, report a fraud, admit he is the prince, save two other boys.
I would have done the same thing because it was the best choice and i would be a hero and a prince to a LOT of people.

In Wish Me Luck, the moral dilemma is when his parents send him to Canada and he has to choose whether to hate them, or love them. He solved this by the Germans blowing up his ship and his parents are really worried and they say they will never let him go.I would of done the same has him because honestly, I would do the same because I think no matter what, I will never stop loving my parents.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Invent Iowa

My invention is called shady hat, it is a hat that has sunglasses connected to the hat by a magnet.
I was trying t solve the problem of my sunglass falling off and getting crushed by feet.
My invention solves my problem by attaching sunglasses to a hat by a magnet.
I am most proud of how my model came out, because it looks really good and i thought it was going to look really crappy. My big problem was attaching the sunglasses to the hat, because it took two try's, a dad and son and a lot of card board to do it. If i where to go to state I would improve it by putting labels on it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

project reflection.

My project was on volcanoes the format was on google slides.
The part i most liked about my project was learning all those interesting facts. The hardest part was finding a good source.
I learned to never give up on finding good sources. If i could do it again i would put more pictures and less words. Some advice put less words and more pictures on slides, each slide should have only about 5 words.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

2016-2017 1st blog

My goal in school this year is to up my math score by 1.5 years on my ITBS. the reason is because my math scores where not as high as the rest of my scores.
      I myself want to stop chewing my inside gum and my fingernails. because it is bad on my teeth and gum.
       In soccer i want to score 5 goals in soccer this season. I want to do that because it means i am getting better at soccer and i want to be really good at soccer.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Poetry Reflection

1.My opinion of poetry really changed. Now i now that poetry is fun and not all about feelings and stuff.

2.I enjoyed the poetry chess. I liked it because you had a bunch of random words to make a poem and also win the chess game. and that you also got to pick from your words.

3.I picked i must remember by Shel Silverstein. I picked it because it is hilarious and it sounds sounds like something i would write or do (probably do).    

Words of wisdom.

I learned that is really important to care about other people. It also taught me that no matter how much you fall, you can always get bac...