Friday, March 17, 2017

Moral dilemma lititure circle.

                        Spoiler Alert!!!! 

A moral dilemma is something that the character when is deciding between two options.
In the book The False Prince, the moral dilemma is when Sage is choosing to confess he is the real Prince Jaron, and have two other people die and report a fraud person who trained 3 fake princes, or die and let a fraud live and never confess he is the real prince. he chose the best one, report a fraud, admit he is the prince, save two other boys.
I would have done the same thing because it was the best choice and i would be a hero and a prince to a LOT of people.

In Wish Me Luck, the moral dilemma is when his parents send him to Canada and he has to choose whether to hate them, or love them. He solved this by the Germans blowing up his ship and his parents are really worried and they say they will never let him go.I would of done the same has him because honestly, I would do the same because I think no matter what, I will never stop loving my parents.


  1. I like how well you told the dilemma. I think if I was in his shoe I would have Conno hanged and y'know, save the boys. Good job!

  2. I think you summed it up pretty well. Good job explaining.


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